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Write Like There’s No Tomorrow – The Three Step Trick to Getting It Done

Ever written like there’s a gun to your head?

Following my own advice to take more breaks, I applied the discipline (not my favourite word) to get the job done today.

Having finished a session of five 90-minute bursts of re-writing, it feels good to get another big chapter (pun intended) of another project finally done.

‘Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone’ – Pablo Picasso

There’s Nothing Like Pressure

I often feel both nausea and excitement at the idea of a deadline. For someone who goes crazy without creativity, it’s the structure I need to get any project finished. If ever you find yourself idling along try this three-step trick:

1. Give it a Date

When does your project REALLY need to be done by?

If it hasn’t got an end date – give it one!

2. Bring it Forward

Now halve that time. Yep – by bringing it forward.

There’s nothing like a little self-induced pressure. Projects often take twice the time you expect to complete so by halving the time you’ll still be within your original deadline date.

3. Take Aim

Commit only to your project and no other during this dedicated time-frame with sniper-like focus.

If you find yourself distracted, take a sip of water, then it’s back on the job!

Gettin’ Across The Line

This three-step trick will get it done if you commit to it. You’ll feel great and you’ll give less time for your inner perfectionist to rattle.

‘Art is never finished. Only abandoned.’ – Pablo Picasso

How do you create your own pressure? Let me know in the COMMENTS below.

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