Exploring the Art of Sound

Welcome to Agenda Red.

Agenda Red is the name of my record label and blog.

My name is Rob and I hope this splash of digital output inspires you.

It’s for those who mean business and those that are interested in exploring the art of sound.

Pushing boundaries, pioneering new ideas.

Agenda Red specialises in artist development. Rare for a label these days, don’t you think?

The Agenda Red label also provides independent artists with audio production services so they can focus on what they were born to do:


This saves our artists time which means they can get on with exploring sound and rocking the planet.

The Agenda Red newsletter connects together a unique community of talented sound artists, musicians and other media professionals (listeners) interested in exploring new ideas and possibilities through sound and music experimentation.

You’re welcome to join the conversation. No charge. Ever.

And I promise to never spam you or pass on your details.

The Agenda Red blog shares what I learn as I explore the art of sound with others.

Feel free to chime in.

If you are a sound artist or musician why not connect with me immediately.

I love to chat sound, innovation and big project ideas. I hope you have some!

Now. You might be thinking…

Why Agenda Red?

Agenda is the body of work to be done.

Red is the colour symbolic of passion and urgency.

So let’s get to it…

If you’re interested in our services or simply chatting sound, I look forward to hearing from you via the contact form below.

Rock on,


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