Sinah Blohberger is a warrior of another kind. The London based composer and bass player, originally from Berlin, Germany specialises in post dubstep down tempo meets melancholic pop.

Agent, Red

With rhythms pounding like a universal¬† heartbeat, riffs wide enough to bridge galaxies and vocals that give a¬†planetary punch forcing tectonic plates to grind, ‘Agent, Red’ are a fresh combination of hardcore punk assertiveness with a heavy dose of rock sludge.


Three-piece British rock band, “Flume”, formed in 1998 by Paul Oliver (bass), Rob Lorenzo (guitars and vocals) and Nick Townsend (drums)

Rob Lorenzo

Rob’s sound is described as “..hardcore punk assertiveness¬† with a heavy dose of British rock sludge..” Composer, recording musician and guitarist from Oxford, England.

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