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Interview with Sinah Blohberger

SINAH (pronounced XENA) is a warrior of another kind. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Sinah discovered her love for music early on by learning the piano at the age of 8.

Eventually, Sinah got introduced to the bass guitar, which would keep her attention until today.

Having just been picked up by Brownswood management, we managed to catch up with London based, SINAH, to learn more about her and her music and to mark the launch of Sinah’s artist profile here on Agenda Red.

Sinah, you’re originally from Berlin. What was growing up in Berlin like for you?


What significant moments stand our for you having grown up around music in Berlin?

Not many, that’s one of the reasons why I left.

What instruments do you play and what’s your process for making and writing music?

I started playing the piano at the age of 8, but lost interest in sight reading quite quickly, so I started using the piano as a composing tool. When I was 14 I discovered the bass guitar and couldn’t get my mind off it. My parents thought it’s just a phase, but my bass teacher saw my ambition and his trust really helped me believe in myself at that time. He introduced me to the music software Logic and I started messing around with sounds and recordings. I can also play a bit of Cello and Guitar, but shouldn’t mention those, because it’s not as enjoyable to hear me play them 🙂

You spent a year in the U.S. working as a session musician. What was the most valuable part of that experience?

Most valuable part : Don’t give people you work with money upfront! Don’t trust flakey musicians …(they stole my expensive microphone) and …hm, a lot of other negative things actually, but I still wouldn’t exchange that experience for anything else.

How are you finding London as a musician today?

I LOVE it! I didn’t always love it though, but that was due to living conditions and other factors, but since all that is sorted I am finally able to enjoy the diversity of music in London. I’m absolutely sure this is the place to be if you are an upcoming producer/artist – no matter what genre. The city is full of talent and the competition keeps it moving quickly. A lot of new music styles have evolved here and I believe that it’s always going to be a source of innovation.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your latest projects?

My latest projects: ABORTING LOADS! 😉 I’ve been playing in a lot of different Bands over the past few years and came to the conclusion that it will never completely satisfy me. My passion lays in music production. I am working with the Rapper Levi at the moment but the biggest focus in my life is SINAH (my own music). Sounds very selfish, but this is where all the years of working for others have lead me to. It was always the end of the line for me to perform my own music.

Thanks Sinah!

Click here to hear some of Sinah’s music courtesy of Sinah on SoundCloud.

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