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Do You Live Sound?

From the moment you wake up to the moment you crash out again do you think about, experience, listen to and consider sound?

We can’t touch it but we know it’s there. It changes us and it makes us feel certain things.

Sound moves us

It can scare us. It can make us happy. It can take us somewhere else. It can take us to somewhere before.

ZZ Top takes me back to newspaper-rounds whereas Kyuss takes me to California and a road-trip with two best buddies.

Where does it take you?

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives” – Dick Clark, American radio and television personality


We get rich information about our environment from sound. Listen for a minute. What do you hear?

Right now I can hear the refrigerator pump whirring, the laptop hard disk and the tick of the kitchen clock.

There are textures, harmonies, melodies, rhythms and richness everywhere.

There is music amongst our everyday sound. It tells us about the world we live and who we are.

“The earth has music for those who listen.” – William Shakespear, playwright and poet

Why sound?

I share my sound on SoundCloud and I will be sharing a lot more over the coming year. SoundCloud are passionate about helping people find new ways to capture and share their sounds. So why not check out this short video from sound experts about why sound is important to them and then tell me why sound is important to you.


Let me know why sound is important to you in the comments below.

Photo Credit: © Agenda Red 2011

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